Thanksgiving Box


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PICK-UP & DELIVERY ONLY: 11/22 - 11/24

Included: Celery, 8oz Cremini Mushrooms, 2lbs Green Beans, Carnival Squash, 4 Blood Oranges, 8oz Chestnuts, 2lbs Brussel Sprouts, 3 Persimmon, 3 Garlic Bulbs, 2 Bosc Pears, 2lbs Rainbow Carrots,  3lbs Sweet Potato, 2lbs Fingerling Potatoes, 1 Leek, 2lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes, 5oz Kumquats (or citrus substitution), 1lb Cranberries, 3 Capalini Onions, Vadalia Onion, 2 Parsnips, 1 Jumbo Carrot, Pearl Onions, 2 Mini-pumpkins, 1 Pomegranate, Herbs- Chives, Curly Parsley, Bay Leaves, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Majoriam, Oregano and Dill.

NOT PICTURED: 2 Yellow Onion, Mini Pie Pumpkin

**Add-ons available if you need more of an item!